30+ Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend with Images


Today I present you with happy birthday messages for girlfriend. They are original, beautiful and, some, very emotional. Because congratulating that special person is not trivial. Know them!


Anniversaries of birth have become a reason for celebration for centuries. And it is that to fulfill another year symbolizes the moments that you have spent with your loved ones, friends, family, parents, mothers, children, etc. 

Today we prepare surprise parties and give gifts to the birthday boy, who invites us to celebrate with him. Along with these gifts we usually incorporate dedications, cards, photos, images and postcards with birthday greetings .

A congratulation can consist of a long poem or a short phrase with a deep message. If you have no ideas of what to put, in this article I have prepared an extensive repertoire with free greetings so you can congratulate that person very dear to you. You can also create your own list of ideas from this one. There is nothing better than a dedication!

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Happy Birthday Messages For Girlfriend

I hope you have a beautiful birthday day like you.   

I hope that this birthday will help you smile on the outside, fill you with joy inside and have a life full of prosperity.

Maybe this little dedication does not replace the hug that I can give you every day, but with it I can make you know that I wish you the best for your life, even when it is not your birthday. Romantic-birthday-messages-for-girlfriend

On the outside you turn years, but your heart, full of love, will never age. Congratulations! 

I hope you never separate from your loved ones, and you can enjoy another year with them with great happiness.

What a pity! Today is not your day of happy birthday

I hope that in this happy day for you your future will be filled with joy and love. Enjoy! On this special day you have become a year older, but also in a wiser and better year.  

May the happiness of this day not disappear from your life again.  

These last words are a quote based on the famous rabbit song “Alice in Wonderland”, a letter that congratulates the “happy birthday“.

It is a way to make unique each day we live, not to wait for a date so sharp to have fun and enjoy with our friends.

If someone says this phrase to you, it is really your friend and, if you also want to show your true friendship, you can do it by saying several of these short and beautiful friendship phrases that will surely thrill you.


Enjoy today allows you to remember yesterday with a smile and hope for tomorrow with hope. I hope you enjoy it with joy. Happy Birthday!

Even if you are years old, inside you are younger than ever, generous and charming. That makes you the most beautiful person in the world. Happy Birthday!

Today I brought you a gift, but I have something better for you: I have also brought you a heart full of tranquility, love and fortune. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Maybe today we do not see each other because of the distance, I miss you and I would love to be by your side to blow the candles. Next year I will not miss!

Best Birthday Messages For Girlfriend

May all your wishes come true, and may God continue to behave just as well with you. Happy birthday to my best friend!

This hug is the second best gift I will give you, because this kiss will be the most important of all. Congratulations!  

We’re far away, my friend, but even so, I can not help but wish you the best on your birthday. Have a happy day and may God bless you.

My best friend, a special friend like no other, I wish her the best day of her life. That you enjoy a lot and surprises take away the smile you deserve.


I hope those ear-tugs do not leave you deaf for our next conversations! I love you my friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 I hope you can celebrate many more years with your friends, your family and all those who love you. Friend, brother, never let love escape from your heart. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

A birthday is a day to make a wish. I hope that each of your dreams stop being soon. That will be great news. Congratulations!

I hope we never stop sharing moments like today: harmony, joy and … lots of fun! Congratulations! 

Sweet Birthday Messages For Girlfreind  

I have come up with a great plan for your birthday: a trip around the world! Do you mind taking care of my dog ​​until he comes back?

Today you are a wiser day, with more wisdom, with more … wrinkles! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Or you invite me to your party, or I’ll tell you what you already know who you already know … Congratulations friend!  

Happy, happy in your day! I wish you were run over by a tram! That you eat rotten potatoes! And that you go backwards!   

Fatal birthday! Fatal birthday! Let a gorilla crush you! That way we will not see you anymore!   

I want you to enjoy a lot, but with a head, that the years can be felt in the body!

How does it feel to be a year older? That all your friends are younger than you? Congratulation grandfather!

Birthday greetings for a girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, do not have to be different from a friend, but a small detail is a gesture that your relationship has taken hold.


Write a sentence on a dedicated card, in a photo album with your memories and accompany it with an intimate evening is always appreciated. Here are a few words that will help you to give your partner a wrench.  

If you are interested you can also take a look at these phrases of happiness and joy and tell your partner, husband, wife or friends whenever you want without having to be the day of his birthday.

Thank you for existing. Thank you for staying one more year of your life by my side. Congratulations, my love!

I still do not understand how there are such kind people and good lovers like you.

I have many reasons to smile, but without you I do not have any. I wish you to continue enjoying as you have done until today. I love you!

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